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General Instructions for the Visiting Officer

i. A suggested Activity Schedule has been prepared for the visiting officer. It shall be incumbent on the officer to ensure that all activities and elements mentioned in the schedule are carried out/ covered fully.

ii. The officer shall participate in the Gram Sabha, discuss the concept of Gram Panchayat Development Plan and also ask the Gram Panchayat to constitute Social Audit Committee in case the same has not been constituted earlier.

iii. He/She shall also hold interactions with prominent citizens, frontline government functionaries, NGOs/ social organization, respectable citizens of the area and the general public.

iv. He/She shall also visit schools, health institutions besides important village assets/ amenities related to various sectors.

v. The visiting officer shall visit major languishing projects, inaugurate playgrounds (if any), participate in exhibition melas, distribution of certificates, etc.

vi. The officer shall during all his interactions emphasize on education, nutrition and health of children, empowerment of women, general cleanliness, solid waste management, organic farming, vermi-composting, rain water harvesting and water conservation.

vii. The visiting officer shall assess the ground situation of allotted Panchayat visà-vis perception of local public, data provided by different Departments, inputs shared by the PRI/ prominent citizens and his own observations. viii. Any conclusions drawn shall include a holistic view point of the general public. Efforts shall be made to bring out general highlights of the area based on consensus.

ix. The visiting officer shall restrain himself/ herself from giving or offering any commitment on behalf of the government.

x. The visiting officer shall adopt an unbiased attitude in reporting issues.

xi. The report of the visiting officer shall be submitted both physically and electronically in the pre-circulated format. The officer shall exercise all care and objectivity while filling up the relevant form.